Are the security concerns of your firm keeping you awake at night? Or are you, by any chance, missing out on hours of family time because your data is under the threat of being stolen, hacked, modified or used illegally? Is there such a thing as bad luck in terms of your business’s website crashing just as you were about to score a new client?

We at ComputeHost want you to get rid of all these negative thoughts and gain absolute peace of mind with our dedicated server hosting. Employing the best of the best, we aspire to provide top of the class security for your data, as well as cater to the smallest of your information technology concerns. When it comes down to it, our 24 X 7 customer support is available via call (but who uses their phones to call people anymore, especially in technologically forward societies?), and through web based chat as well.

Why We Host You – A Host Of Benefits

When you choose to get free of tensions regarding your tech infrastructure, leave it all to us. We configure your setup exactly how you want, starting with the identification of the brands you would like to trust your precious IT operations to: Intel, IBM, HP and Dell are preferred by many for their own reasons, so feel free to discuss with us the various pros and cons of the hardware offerings of these conglomerates.

Depending upon your type of business, you will of course have your own software, platforms and customer solution systems that will have to run all the time to ensure optimum performance of your business. Whether it is Linux or Windows based, we can have your system up and running pronto, with the added option of managing it for you while you rest assured regarding the uptime of your business supporting network.
Our dedicated server hosting sites in Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Noida (National Capital Region) are designed to not let latency creep into your systems. While we lease internet and communication system lines from multiple servic4 providers to ensure our own servers are always on and give pinpoint accurate responses, you have the option of choosing one or more of the ISPs according to your needs and budget.

At ComputeHost, we want to aid your growth so that we can capitalize on opportunities together. As your clients and competition see you rise, your quantum of business will increase, and we are ready to scale up the server dedicated to you at a moment’s notice! Our real time data analytics will show you how much growth is reported on your network, and you just have to make the call while we gear you up for reaching higher levels of entrepreneurship!

For the technically adept, we offer control of their server to them or their in-house IT team, through the implementation of Parallel Plesk and cPanel control panels. Even though the underlying basis of dedicated server hosting is that we ‘own’ the hardware which you lease from us, we do not let anything, be it ownership or deployment, stop you from growing bigger!