The internet has accelerated the growth of industries across the spectrum, so it is only natural that all businesses that are prepared for the future need to have a robust online presence. Maintaining a good position when prospective clients come to ‘visit’ your website should be top priority, because no matter how good your sales pitch is, if the client cannot be convinced of your capabilities through your website, it becomes a slim chance of converting that client.

ComputeHost comes to your aid by offering state of the art servers that can be customized to provide the most suitable hosting network for your business’s website. Chiefly, there are two types of server hosting: the traditional dedicated server hosting, in which firms rent out the hardware from the service provider, and the more advanced colocation hosting services, in which the service provider maintains and manages your fully-owned server for you.

Benefits of Colocation Server Hosting

There is good reason for choosing dedicated server hosting, but even better reasons for going for colocation hosting. First and foremost, you choose your own hardware according to the specific requirements of your services, so that your clients get exactly what they pay for. ComputeHost takes care of the management and upkeep of your hardware, ensuring that the overheads of running specialized equipment are minimized for your company. Apart from the initial depreciable asset acquisition in terms of processors and servers, your firm’s spend on IT becomes a fixed and minimal component instead of a fluctuating figure.










Since the specialized equipment requires equally specialized care, ComputeHost has developed the most up to date infrastructure to make sure your equipment delivers on its potential. From basic issues such as appropriate cooling in server farms where your hardware is physically stored, to strict N+1 redundancy (meaning that every component of our data centers is backed up by at least one similar component), ComputeHost has left no stone unturned in its colocation server hosting.

ComputeHost is determinedly carrier-neutral, which effectively frees our clients from dependence on their initial Internet Service Provider (ISP) or telecommunication partner. If you find a better deal that suits your needs better than the existing one, go for it! We encourage competition because we remain on the top of our game, and consequently, so do our clients. This is the reason why we offer to provide you the current Internet bandwidth plans if you want to rely on our expertise to choose the best plan that meets your forecasted hardware and website traffic requirements.

Always There, Always On – For You

ComputeHost is always prepared for expanding, updating and scaling up your hardware when your business booms. The dedicated support staff are available round the clock to answer any queries you may have. In order to provide uninterrupted power to our data centers, the sites have power backups in the form of UPSs and generators, in the highly unlikely event of failure of the 1 MVA electricity line that comes in from the power grid.

ComputeHost has taken server colocation hosting services into its next iteration with Tier III data centers. This cutting edge technology takes the level of services one notch further, giving your business the capability to cater to all of your clients’ demands without having to worry about your server’s well-being.