Nowadays, utilizing colocation hosting services have become common. Still, most of the businesses select hosting services in-house. There are various reasons owing to which businesses are making move to colocation provider or data center and utilizing these services. ComputeHost, a leading web hosting provider offers seven reasons to choose colocation hosting provider. Read on!

1. Infrastructure/Design
Colocation hosting services are built to certain standards and specifications in order to meet high-tech hardware’ needs. The data centers are made with cooling (HVAC), conditioned power, security systems, and generators, costing around millions of dollars. All these systems are monitored 24/7/365 by technical experts. Therefore, businesses can get benefits of all this in order to host equipment.

2. Redundancy
Data centers are established by keeping redundancy in the mind. It means many colocation hosting providers have N+1 redundancy which is built in the key infra, such as cooling, power, networking, and bandwidth. In most of the standard office places, it might not be possible to deploy this redundancy and the cost of it could be much high.

3. Risk Management

Securing your data at off-site location is an ideal way of managing your business risks in case you are holding the primary data at the office location. Often, most businesses utilize data centers as ‘disaster recovery’ location in order to recover from main events at the office. In addition, most of the businesses choose to utilize data center as primary location as well as office for recovery and backups. For specific businesses, it is needed to make complete DR (Disaster Recovery) plan in order to display how they can recover the data hosting for the clients.

4. Bandwidth
Conveying around 100 Mbps bandwidth may be difficult at the office location. So, try bringing 1 or 10 GBPS might not possible. Therefore, add redundant line through different provider and then you can witness how costs begin piling up. Generally, data centers have big bandwidth pipes and receive connections via multiple providers. It offers many benefits at just a fraction of cost. Utilize the scale economy of datacenter and you will receive better service at less price in many cases.

5. Certifications/ Compliance
Most of the businesses or organizations are attempting for in-house hosting might overlook a few certifications that are required by clients. Most of the organizations require to prove themselves in order to protect hosted data and audit might be needed in order to prove the same. However, data centers already have the certifications and it could save businesses huge amount of money each year. The list of certifications include Safe Harbor, HIPAA, PCI and SSAE16 Type II. All these certifications are needed when hosting data of a customer. Availing server colocation hosting from web hosting provider being certified could make the process easier while permitting auditors review certifications in a data center.

6. Security
Generally, data centers are inbuilt secure. They protect state-of-the-art hardware and possess plenty of security features when they are designed. For instance, data center might have key card or biometric access and even regulated entry in specific building’ parts. They have round-the-clock camera surveillance and on-site staff securing equipment. Getting this security level in an ordinary office building is quite difficult. Therefore, required security certifications make data centers ideal option.

7. Cost
Founding as well as managing a data center might be an expensive option. So why opt for building a data center when you can avail server colocation hosting at affordable prices. As in building your own data center, you have to consider cost as well as the maintenance charges. The moment you get into costs, then attaining certifications is also necessary and you can save huge sums of money when availing services from colocation hosting provider instead of hosting in-house. In addition, it is also difficult to determine how much of your money is at risk in case you are availing hosting service from unreliable location.