Today, many companies are having the data centers near their office. With the time, as they see the growth and started utilizing internet efficiently and most of them realized that they have to minimize the costs in order to make sure the security of data from industry compliance point of view or only from worry that anything can happen. Prior deciding the best colocation hosting in India or worldwide, here are some things that you must consider to make a decision.

1. Scalability

When talking about colocation hosting, it is scalable and cost-effective method that caters to the business needs efficiently. Scalability helps in stopping extreme IT spending. When your business is established, you just need to scale it. You just increasing volume and eventually you end up with wastage of resources in order to keep system taxed. It is critical to scale down the infrastructure. Be it hourly, daily or yearly cycles, most of the businesses have mechanism of minimizing and maximizing capacity that put the IT assets within a basket of data center.

2. Sipping Bandwidth Kool-Aid

In terms of bandwidth, clients usually pay per usage that means they pay for what they need. The colocation data centers provide low bandwidth pricing as they purchase the bandwidth in big quantities to cater all customers. In-built power redundancy at colocation hosting is another thing that colocation might be suitable for your requirements. Otherwise, offering diesel generators and power supplies would be an expensive option for most of the businesses for on-premises maintenance.

3. Redundancy and Security

It is important to rent your security with a best colocation hosting in India or globally that has round-the-clock security cameras, biometric fingerprint keypads as well as provide power, bandwidth and cooling capacity. In addition, the hosting provider should provide IT equipment that are designed to battle bad weather conditions and power outages. The colocation data center must be equipped with high-performing hardware in the secured environment includes -

-- Natural gas backup generators
-- Redundant fiber optics
-- Round-the-clock surveillance
-- Power cooling as well as humidity controls
-- Biometric fingerprint and key card access

The data centers supply the power; however not any power. Despite of this, it provides redundant power along with non-interrupted power supplies as well as backup generators. Hosting the data center is round-the-clock job; therefore keeping the network devices and servers online all-the-time is a must for critical software appliances and business applications of the clients or customers.

4. Growth Strategy

The best IT team spend around two-third of the time on the goals and only one-third on managing the IT infrastructure. However, in most of the IT teams, the scenario is completely opposite. Usually, many companies spend their major time focusing on the daily maintenance of infrastructure, such as server configurations, system updates and database administration. This concept is understood by most of the CIOs and they continuously search to find the improvements.

When most of the businesses are facing substantial data increase and infra needs, often they lack required tools as well as expertise of capitalizing on the latest technology. Thus, some of the organizations are forces at crossroads where a path primes to growth in the capital expenditures. Secondly, partners with web hosting provider in order to manage the main IT infrastructure. The best colocation hosting in India, US, UK and other countries helps them by providing an opportunity to concentrate on the strategic initiatives despite of worrying for maintenance of infrastructure.

5. Compliance

Today, an increase in the regulatory compliance is among the major driving forces in most of the industries. Either, many businesses have direct compliance needs or the requirements that contains certifications and audits. Colocation data centers helps in meeting numerous compliance needs like FDA, NIST, HIPAA, FISMA, ISO, SOX and more. The data centers must be SSAE16 certified as well as tested with proper penetration testing. Another advantage of colocation are that its features come free-of-cost.