The onset of cloud technology in all the areas of industry has been rapid and all pervading. This cutting edge technology is in fine form due to the advantages it has over traditional dedicated server hosting. Being virtual in nature, cloud servers hold data in secure locations that are not dependent on a single physical server. In effect, this means that there is almost no chance of corrupting your precious and hard to get data. Even in the event of calamities, cloud servers offer safeguards that the basic physical systems of previous generations just cannot match.

ComputeHost takes full advantage of the cloud technologies that are in vogue, offering its cloud hosting services as an Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS. Since custom built plans are in demand at the moment, ComputeHost gives its clients complete freedom to develop their own platforms using our cloud server, which automatically translates into the client saving in terms of money, time and effort. The stability of cloud systems has become near perfect over the past years, with better fail safe options and recovery systems. As is the case with most businesses, they need to keep their costs in check so that every revenue stream does not get swallowed up in the costs of keeping the servers running.

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Why ComputeHost Is The Best?

That is where ComputeHost delivers its best advantage to clients – zero maintenance costs since the client needs nothing other than the cloud hosting provided by the state of the art Tier III architecture based data centers that host the processors, data storage and connectivity channels. By only charging clients for what they use (essentially, how much processing, data and bandwidth their business draws from the cloud), we ensure that your returns are converted into more and more profits!

In addition, ComputeHost offers temporary servers as well, to cater to clients who need short term loans of computing power and memory space, perhaps to demonstrate the characteristics and high points of their software to their customers. In these cases, the data and software are explicitly removed if the client wishes it, to provide complete surety about intellectual property not remaining on the cloud. We take our clients’ priorities as our own, and take data securitvery seriously.

Add to that the availability of always on data storage, real time load balancing, and nearly unlimited bandwidth allocation (depending on the traffic flowing to your website or network), and it becomes easy to see that ComputeHost is the best cloud hosting partner for your business. We aim to boost our clients’ business interests so that they grow exponentially, and as they do, we will be there to scale up the cloud services for them.

When the volume of your business reaches epic levels, we will be delighted to offer you Virtual Private Servers from our long list of services, thus ensuring that your business never has to take an off day, because our robust cloud server is hosting the business!