-History of the company Since hosting service is quite generic, you should ensure that your hosting provider has a good track record and it has provided good services for a prolonged period of time. Age of the company signifies that it has been serving the customers long enough and could be trusted.

-Web Hosting Bandwidth Bandwidth is the lifeline that connects our site with the rest of the internet. You should check whether your hosting service provider is offering sufficient bandwidth to your website.

-Web Hosting Space It is the disk space that is needed to store the files of your site. It primarily depends on the type of your website. A website that mostly contains text will require much less disk space than a website that contains videos or other heavy files.

-Control Panel It is used to control your hosting account. One uses control panel to set up the CMS or content management system, set up mail addresses and other programs that might be used on your website. A popular one is Cpanel but there are other solutions such as DirectAdmin or Plesk.

-Support You require a decent support from your hosting service provider in case of any query or issue. This support could be via phone or e-mail. A reliable hosting service provider offers a quick support to resolve your problems.

-Uptime/downtime Server hosting your site needs to be operational and connected to internet so that it could server your webpage to visitors. An unavailable server could result in access issues for your website. This could be detrimental to your brand image.

Hence a hosting service provider needs to be meticulous about these offerings in order to create a positive impact on the customers.