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7 Reasons to Select a Colocation Hosting Provider

Posted by Admin on Jun 13, 2018 02:40:19 pm

Nowadays, utilizing colocation hosting services have become common. Still, most of the businesses select hosting services in-house. There are various reasons owing to which businesses are making move to colocation provider or data center and utilizing these services. ComputeHost, a leading web hosting provider offers seven reasons to choose colocation hosting provider. Read on! 1. Infrastructure/Design Colocation hosting services ar... Read more>>

Top 6 Uses of Cloud Hosting

Posted by Admin on Jun 05, 2018 03:17:59 pm

Owing to great flexibility, cost reduction, optimal resource utilization and elasticity, cloud hosting is recognized for increasing competitiveness today. There are numerous best cloud hosting providers in the market from which you can choose and avail its benefits. Here are top six uses of cloud hosting that can help you in achieving business goals. Take a look. 1. Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)... Read more>>

An Insight into Dedicated Server Hosting

Posted by Admin on May 30, 2018 04:53:19 pm

The first thing which needs a focus when discussing about innovating data is servers. From playing online recreation games, sending messages to doing web installments, everything is supervised by servers. They are foundation of any of the IT framework and essential for a beginning in computing world. Whenever you opt for server enabling administrations, you would consider from two of the hosting services – Shared Server and Dedicated ... Read more>>

7 Things That You Should Know Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

Posted by Admin on May 25, 2018 01:12:14 pm

At the time of selecting ideal web hosting provider, numerous businesses or companies get confused and doesn’t able to make best decisions. However, it is advisable to understand a few things like - • What makes a web hosting provider good for a website?  • How could a bad web hosting provider harm your website or business? • Types of Web hosting services? • Which hosting service is ideal for which industry? • How to... Read more>>

A Brief Guide to Web Hosting

Posted by Admin on May 18, 2018 04:27:04 pm

If you have made a decision of running your own website, so probably you will be looking for buying web hosting. This might be difficult for beginners. So, there are “n” number of terms which they need to know. If you are a beginner too, then VPS is one term which you will hear many times.  Fret not! We have prepared a guide which will tell you what is VPS hosting and how it could be helpful for your business. Read on! Wh... Read more>>

Keep Your Data Safe & Sound With Our Dedicated Server

Posted by Admin on May 09, 2018 03:17:09 pm

Are the security concerns of your firm keeping you awake at night? Or are you, by any chance, missing out on hours of family time because your data is under the threat of being stolen, hacked, modified or used illegally? Is there such a thing as bad luck in terms of your business’s website crashing just as you were about to score a new client? We at ComputeHost want you to get rid of all these negative thoughts and gain absolute pe... Read more>>

Pay For What You Use - Nothing More!

Posted by Admin on Apr 27, 2018 05:22:18 pm

The cloud has become synonymous with ease of doing an information technology based business. Even companies that deal in traditional services and products are increasingly moving their online tasks to the cloud so that their internal resources are freed up. For core technical firms, the cloud has provided complete server solutions so that their services are never in the danger of being interrupted. The reasons for the cloud becoming ... Read more>>

One Stop Shop for All Your Cloud Hosting Needs

Posted by Admin on Apr 16, 2018 06:31:05 pm

The onset of cloud technology in all the areas of industry has been rapid and all pervading. This cutting edge technology is in fine form due to the advantages it has over traditional dedicated server hosting. Being virtual in nature, cloud servers hold data in secure locations that are not dependent on a single physical server. In effect, this means that there is almost no chance of corrupting your precious and hard to get data. Even i... Read more>>

Reduce Your Capital Expenditure While Increasing Security, With Colo!

Posted by Admin on Apr 12, 2018 03:30:48 pm

The internet has accelerated the growth of industries across the spectrum, so it is only natural that all businesses that are prepared for the future need to have a robust online presence. Maintaining a good position when prospective clients come to ‘visit’ your website should be top priority, because no matter how good your sales pitch is, if the client cannot be convinced of your capabilities through your website, it becomes a sli... Read more>>

Get Peace of Mind about Your Website

Posted by Admin on Apr 04, 2018 01:15:38 pm

Gone are the days when the entire risk of running your business website was taken care of by an internal team. With the world steadily moving up to the strategy of concentrating on your core specialty and leaving the rest to consummate professionals like ComputeHost who specialize in hosting virtual private servers (known as VPS), you would be best served by letting the pros manage your website! Maintaining an impressive online prese... Read more>>