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Internet of Things - A New Paradigm in Technology

Posted by Admin on Jun 18, 2014 02:51:21 pm

Internet of Things (IOT) was initially suggested by Kevin Ashton in the year 1999. It defines a sphere, where just anything can be connected and communicated in an intelligent manner. Internet of things facilitates proactive data access with the aid of any connected device. Everything around us, at home, work, factories, hospitals, on the streets, in the car, on plane is all interconnected and a continuous communication and exchange o... Read more>>

Digging Deep Into VPS

Posted by Rohit Paul on Jun 12, 2014 05:30:36 pm

There are quite a few options available in the market when it comes to hosting. Shared servers, VPS, dedicated servers and managed hosting, all have their USPs. Hence a customer is spoilt for choices while choosing the best fitment for their business, mainly perplexed with the blurry line between two general types i.e. Dedicated and VPS Hosting. That said, in my opinion VPS is quite a smart choice for the majority of businesses. It offe... Read more>>

Cloud Technology: Reviving Communication

Posted by Admin on Jun 11, 2014 06:10:47 pm

Gradually cloud is beginning to impact a large portion of our work life and the way we communicate. On an average 200 million emails are being sent in a minute these days courtesy cloud. All leading tools including VOIP, ERP, etc. are hosted --hundreds of miles away from where they are used - in a cloud environment. It has helped organizations to revive their IT infrastructure by improving website uptime, scalability, redundant network... Read more>>

Power Your Business with Software as a Service

Posted by Admin on May 30, 2014 02:43:30 pm

Software as a service (SaaS) also referred to as web based software or on demand software, is a software delivery technique, under which the applications are delivered over the Internet. So, there is no need of hardware or software maintenance and management. One can simply access the softwares and its related functions with the help of Internet. The users need not install the software and thus are also not required to pay for it. Ins... Read more>>

Cloud Hosting Services

Posted by Admin on May 26, 2014 11:54:59 am

Cloud Hosting services practice the utility model of computing, wherein it is available as a service rather than a product. A client can utilize theses services as per their requirements & thus pay only for what they use. The resources required for maintaining the website are spread across more than one web server and are rendered as per need basis, which drastically reduces the instances of any downtime caused in case of a server break... Read more>>

Online Cloud Storage Services

Posted by Admin on May 23, 2014 12:40:43 pm

Cloud storage refers to an online space where you can upload your files & data, access it from anywhere through any device. Cloud storage service providers offer valuable IT solutions for businesses. There are several cloud storage systems that have been developed for both personal & business use. Online cloud storage services provide a myriad of advantages for its users: -Scalability in Services: With cloud storage, you pay accor... Read more>>

Benefits Of Cloud

Posted by Admin on May 19, 2014 03:34:10 pm

There are many businesses that have already made a move to the cloud, to reap the benefits of this ever evolving technology.Cloud computing upsurges efficiency, helps improve cash flow and offers many more benefits. It facilitates the user to set up a virtual office that provides flexibility to connect to your business from anywhere and at any time. -Reduction in IT costs: A move to cloud ensures a reduction in the cost of mainta... Read more>>

Key Factors While Choosing A Hosting Service Provider

Posted by Admin on May 16, 2014 03:28:26 pm

-Web Hosting Bandwidth Bandwidth is the lifeline that connects our site with the rest of the internet. You should check whether your hosting service provider is offering sufficient bandwidth to your website. -Control Panel It is used to control your hosting account. One uses control panel to set up the CMS or content management system, set up mail addresses and other programs that might be used on your website. A popular one is Cp... Read more>>

Best Practices For Load Balancer

Posted by Admin on May 12, 2014 06:18:30 pm

Web Application and Clock Synchronization In a load sharing setup, one should not count on the servers clocks for writing data to the database and presenting data to the user. The clocks of servers are skewed. Some servers skew more than the others. Even if a clock is in sync for one day, it doesn't mean that the servers are synchronized. Server Keep Alive Using a 'URI keep alive' rather than other methods for examp... Read more>>

Cloud Hosting- The Modern Business Choice

Posted by Admin on May 09, 2014 06:34:32 pm

Similarly, if your business has recently increased and high traffic is causing strain on the limited resources available with your existing shared server plan, contacting a cloud hosting provider might be a good option for you.   -  Scalability - Imagine a group of clouds. Your website is running in these clouds and suddenly the demand graph reaches the crest. Your website needs more resources to accommodate the increased traffic... Read more>>