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How Are Cloud Servers Different From Dedicated Servers?

Posted by Megha on Oct 12, 2016 05:10:23 pm

Almost every business owner is faced with this dilemma at some point of time or the other; whether to use cloud servers or dedicated servers for storing their data and critical applications. What is most important is for us to store the mission-critical data in an environment which is secure and easily accessible. At the same time, the costs for data storage should not be steep. So, to get all of these benefits, it is important to make ... Read more>>

The Internet of Things-Uniting Technologies for Smart Environments

Posted by Megha on Oct 07, 2016 12:25:11 pm

Are we on the brink of next big transformation in computing? Are we about to witness something even loftier that the web browser or the personal computer? Yes, we may sooner or later see a paradigm shift that can affect 5 billion people on the globe. You can call in data singularity or “The internet of things”. Imagine a scenario if almost everything on earth had a sensor. For example, if lanes, windows, cars, dams and s... Read more>>

How Cloud CDN Guarantees Speed and Website Uptime

Posted by Megha on Oct 03, 2016 03:07:46 pm

Internet has changed the human lifestyle. People depend more on the net for their requirements. It has brought them closer and made it more convenient for them to access their needs at any time of the day and from any location. Majority of the businesses are now making themselves available on the internet for people to reach out. It has become critical that they are available round the clock so that people irrespective of their geogr... Read more>>

Do You Need a Dedicated Server for Better Site Speed?

Posted by Megha on Oct 01, 2016 10:28:17 am

One of the primary concerns of every business is the website speed. It has many serious implications. When a website page takes a long time to upload a visitor just walks away to another site. A slow site affects the visitor conversion rates and is also a bad sign for SEO as Google considers speed as one of the factors for better page rankings. This is distressing for every online business and all moves like links, content and social me... Read more>>

Shared WordPress Hosting- Need to Look Beyond the Sales Talk

Posted by Megha on Sep 27, 2016 12:24:11 pm

In terms of popularity, shared hosting commands the highest popularity among WordPress website owners. The sheer popularity of shared hosting completely shadows the truth behind some of the most commonly used cliches such as ‘unlimited shred hosting plans’ ‘easy and affordable shared hosting solutions’ and so forth. One should always read between the lines, especially when it is concerned with the vital decision of choosing a... Read more>>

Effect of Cloud Computing on Indian SMEs in the year 2016

Posted by Megha on Sep 15, 2016 03:09:51 pm

Cloud technology is transforming virtually every aspect of IT and environment. The pace of change is sweeping across all business processes and influencing enterprise policy decisions and strategy planning processes. It can be safely assumed that no organization can hope to have a competitive edge without developing cloud capabilities. Cloud adoption- the present and future The extent of cloud adoption can be easily gauged by foll... Read more>>

MSPs and Telcos Help Organizations Improve Their Cloud Capabilities

Posted by Megha on Sep 12, 2016 11:39:00 am

Cloud backed technologies are constantly adding new capabilities to enterprises in telecommunication sector. Cloud is also adding new dimensions to Information Technology while expanding the horizons of opportunities and challenges for MSPs as well as telcos. Resource consolidation by Telcos and MSPs facilitates cloud adoption The extent of penetration of cloud services is evident from the way public cloud has been adopted by ente... Read more>>

Ten Questions A CEO Should Ask His Technology Vendor

Posted by Megha on Sep 09, 2016 10:15:21 am

In interviews with various CEOs, some of the most often asked questions include how they forge their relationships with their technology vendors. IT vendors are integral to business, and they command a pivotal position in the Information Technology architecture. How does a CEO select a technology vendor, given the fact the market is flooded by myriad big name peddlers of technologies. Yes, finding the right sourcing strategy fo... Read more>>

Cloud Adoption - An Emerging Trend in the Manufacturing Sector

Posted by Megha on Sep 06, 2016 11:49:33 am

Most of the tech savvy industrialists have one thing in common. They want to adopt cloud based technologies across their enterprises. The objective is to make themselves customer friendly from the distribution and services points of view.   The most effective way to achieve this objective at the moment is to evaluate cloud based manufacturing applications including Enterprise Resource Planning. According to a survey, SaaS (Sof... Read more>>

Things to Look Before Choosing a Cloud Hosting Provider

Posted by Megha on Aug 31, 2016 04:10:35 pm

To be able to exploit the advantages of cloud computing technologies, it is very important to choose the right cloud hosting provider. While you will find many cloud services providers in the market, not all are reliable or trustworthy. You should perform a background check on them and test their services for a trial period to be sure you made the right choice. Before signing up with any cloud provider, it is absolutely essential to rev... Read more>>