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Understanding a Content Management System, a Blog, and an Online Website Builder?

Posted by Rishi Sachan on Dec 03, 2016 04:07:36 pm

Today we are confronted with so many terminologies, and all of these seem so confusing not only for beginners but for some experienced individuals as well. We are hearing superfluity of jargon such as content management system (CMS), blogs, web editors and online site builders with each set of words so baffling to understand.  To make things simpler, just keep in mind that all these terminologies refer to creating and updating we... Read more>>

Relevance of a Dedicated IP address for Improved SERPs in Shared Hosting

Posted by Admin on Nov 19, 2016 04:06:59 pm

In terms of popularity and number of users shared hosting stands out from all other types of hosting. It is also the most economical way of hosting your website. This could be one of the most important reasons for its overwhelming popularity. Shared hosting and SEO Shared hosting is a multi-tenant arrangement that enables large number of websites to operate from a single physical server. Every website is able to use resources of t... Read more>>

Relevance of Subfolder, Subdomain, and Separate Domain for better Blog SEO

Posted by Admin on Nov 18, 2016 04:21:51 pm

There are many initiatives adopted for engaging tour target audience by implementing human and organic SEO tactics. Blog posting is a significant part of such initiatives. Blogs need to be highly informative while being able to build signals for boosting your SEO attempts. There are three major choices you will have to consider for hosting your blog in relation to the main site. This is going to be a major decision because a slight m... Read more>>

Key Deciding Factors for Choosing Linux VPS or Windows VPS

Posted by Megha on Oct 22, 2016 02:38:32 pm

After deciding to go for VPS hosting service one has to deal with a complex issue of selecting an operating system for VPS hosting such as Linux and Windows OS. This is because a VPS runs on its own operating system. In order to understand which operating system would be the most ideal in a given situation, it would be prudent to understand some highlights of Virtual Private Server and these two amazing operating systems individually... Read more>>

How Cloud Computing is Going to Facilitate Education

Posted by Megha on Oct 21, 2016 11:40:14 am

Emergence of new technologies is not only changing paradigms of business but also putting huge pressure on education system. The blazing fast speed of technological revolution is straining IT organizations to come up with innovative solutions. It is an established fact responsibility creating employable workforce lies with education system. The major concern about today’s education is whether it is geared up to meet perpetually gro... Read more>>

5 Practical Strategies to Optimize Cloud Costs of Organizations

Posted by Megha on Oct 20, 2016 12:41:28 pm

Cloud adoption facilitates enterprises to handle and process business critical data in relation to payrolls, customer profiles, purchasing histories, and financial transactions while empowering employees with on demand access to data anytime and from anywhere in the world. Optimization of cloud cost presents an excellent avenue for cost savings. Cloud cost management must focus on vital steps to reduce or optimize costs of cloud inst... Read more>>

Effect of Cloud Technology on Global Work Environment

Posted by Megha on Oct 19, 2016 12:06:59 pm

Cloud has revolutionized the way people work and the places they work from. Just few years ago, it would been hard to imagine that people would be able to accomplish almost all office or business tasks from the comforts of their homes or while sitting on a beach and sipping a beverage. Cloud assisted technologies and work scenario Cloud has literally liberated the new generation from shackles of time and place. We can access, edit... Read more>>

DCIM-Ways To Achieve Higher Energy & Capacity Efficiency

Posted by Megha on Oct 18, 2016 12:13:52 pm

As a definition, data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) refers to convergence of IT and building facilities functions within an organization. As an objective, DCIM focuses on providing administrators with a holistic view of a data centre’s performance so that energy, equipment and floor space are utilized as efficiently as possible. Why so much importance is accorded to DCIM? The answer is straightforward. In the pre... Read more>>

Dedicated Server Hosting-Myth vs.Reality

Posted by Megha on Oct 14, 2016 09:58:19 am

It is a known fact that webhosting industry can be pretty overwhelming at times. With advancement in technology and growing competition, hosting providers have been continuously introducing cheaper and cheaper plans to suit the requirements and budget of various firms. This has led to prevalence of a wide variety of hosting plans in the market, making it rather tough to find out what plan is best suited for your website. Today there are... Read more>>

Reasons Why VPS Hosting Solutions are better for WordPress instead of Shared Hosting

Posted by Megha on Oct 13, 2016 10:43:14 am

When you are keen to start your own blog, you can choose from paid hosting or free hosting options, depending on your requirements and budgetary constraints. You can also choose a self-hosting option where you host your own blog in WordPress. You can decide how you want this blog to look, adding the plug-ins according to your preferences. In short, you can enjoy complete flexibility and control when it comes to designing this blog. F... Read more>>